Canada Tourist Visa

Documentation for Canada Visa


Basic documents which the applicant must keep ready before applying for a Canada Visa from India are. For Canada Tourist visa assistance, call +9198760 10131

  • Your original and authentic passport, with at least two vacant Visa pages.
  • 2 recent and recognizable passport size photographs with white background and no border. The photos must have a significant face coverage, and matte or semi-matte finish. Your name and date of birth must be mentioned at the back of the photo, and the photo should not have been used in the previous Visas. It should be clicked within past 3 months.
  • A Proof of Employment from your current employer. It can be a salary slip or an appointment letter or No Objection Certificate (NOC). These documents should clearly include the applicant’s all details related to the current job.
  • You should have a bank statement which displays all the transactions occurring over a period of last six months, which must include all kinds of transactions like foreign slips, property purchases, fixed deposits, occupational viability etc.
  • A cover letter for your Visa on the letterhead of your company.


  • Download the appropriate forms from. Checklist the relevant options and state your purpose of visit in the forms.
  • Fill out the application form and attach all documents.
  • After reading the attached privacy policy, fill the VFS Consent Form.
  • Pay Visa Application Fees as per the Canadian High Commission Office.
  • Visit the nearest Canadian Visa Application Centre (CVAC) and submit the application after making the payment.

Points to Remember

  • In off-track cases, the consular(s) may need extra documents or extra sittings to assess your Visa requirement.
  • It is entirely up to the consular’s office and his/her decision stands whether to approve your Visa request or not, and the decision might be based on several factors such as duration of stay, the purpose of visit, your employment background etc.


Note – We do not provide Business or Work visa.


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