New Zealand Spouse Visa

Spouse visa or Partner visa

 We can define it as a partnership of two people of the same or opposite sex, who live together in a genuine and stable relationship in any of the following:

· A legal marriage

· A civil union

· A de facto relationship.

When you apply for a visa based on your partnership with a New Zealand visa holder or New Zealand citizen, that person is called your supporting partner.

You and your supporting partner must:

· Be aged 18 or over, or if they’re aged 16 or 17 years, have the consent of their      parents or guardians

· Have met each other before applying for a visa based on your partnership

· Not be close relatives.

What are the partnership requirements

You must be able to show us that you’re living together in a genuine and stable relationship before we can grant you a visa based on your partnership.

Living together means sharing the same home as your partner, which doesn’t include:

· Spending time in each other’s homes while you each maintain your own home

· Sharing accommodation while on holiday

· Flatmate arrangements.

How partnership applications are accessed.

INZ assess if you meet their partnership requirements, they’ll look at things like:

· Whether you support each other financially

· How you share financial responsibilities

· How committed you are to a life together

· Whether you own property together and/or share your property

· Any children you have together, including your arrangements for their care

· Whether you share common household tasks

· Whether other people recognise your relationship

· How long you’ve been together

· How long you’ve been living together as a couple

· Your living arrangements

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