What are the Investor Categories of Canada:-

What are the documents required for investor category:-

We have two Options for Canada. 


A)        Intra Company Transfer:


·       You must have business here which is minimum 1 year old.

·       Turn over should be good.

·       You will have to do elated business there and create minimum 2 employees job.
Applicant must establish a new business or purchase and expand an existing business in Canada. ·

·     ICT is exempted from the requirement to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). 
The business must have the potential to create significant economic benefit to Canada. ·
The Applicant must demonstrate that he / she worked min. 1 yr. for a company that has a parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada.

·     Invest 1,00,000$ (INR 50 lacs) and more in Business to get one year Work Permit which can be renewed.

·     Exploratory visit will / Visitor visa will be an added advantage.

·     After year or two one can apply for Permanent Residency visa with 6 band & more in IELTS


A) Entrepreneur investor programme



Canada investor programme

Net worth Required for Canada investor programme is 3 Crore,

Net worth should be in the name of Applicant,

Net worth includes :-


a)    Cash and Property (includes spouse and child’s) child age should be up to 21 years.


Express Entry System


All investor programs have express entry system, means they are doing draw as per score if draw will stop at your point you will get approval.


Each state are following express entry system.

IELTS requirement for each state:- 5 band each required for All state.

Processing time:- approx. 12 to 36 months


1.      NOVA SCOTIA: Investment .75 Cr. Net worth 3 Cr


Nova scotia Is one province there, Halifax is main City Of Nova scotia.


1.     Minimum 12th + 2 year Diploma education Required.

2.     WES Required. (it is Assessment body from Canada who will assess your Education documents)

3.     Exploratory visit not required but if clients want to buy old business there, then they will have to take exploratory.

4.     You will have to provide employment or job to at least 1 person there.

5.     3 crore net worth and investment is between (1.5 to 2 lac CAD) (75 lac to 1.5 cr).

6.     You will get 2 years of business visa and you will have to invest the amount once you reach there.

7.     The Canadian government are following express entry system, whichever application has more score, that application will be selected first.

2.      NEW BRUNSWICK : Investment 1.2 Cr. Net worth 3 Cr


Fredericton is a Capital Of New Brunswick.


1.     WES required (it is Assessment body from Canada who will assess your Education documents)

2.     Business ownership should be of minimum 33%.

3.     Net worth should be 3 Cr means 6 lac CAD, and 3 lac CAD Should be in liquid.

4.     Pay 1 lac $ Deposit after Approval, once you will start your Business Will get Refund Your Deposit.

5.     Investment should be not less than 2,50,000 CAD (Approx. 1.2 cr in INR).

6.     Will have to provide employment or jobs to at least 1 or 2 persons.

7.     Express entry system is applicable.

8.     Eligibility point is 65.


3.      BC : Investment 1 Cr. Net worth 3 Cr.


Except Vancouver low population area


1.     Required Net worth should be Cad $ 6,00,000 and Cad $ 50000 Cash.

2.     You will have to make an Investment of 1 Cr. once you reach there.

3.     You will have to create minimum 1 jobs there and invest outside Vancouver, in a low population area.

4.     It has Expression of interest system, you will have to give IELTS.

5.     Though This process you will get 2 years of business visa, Investment once you reach there.

6.     You will have to do same or Related  business in British Columbia.


4.      Manitoba: Investment 1 Cr. Net worth 3 Cr.


1.     You will have to show 3 crore net worth, and invest 1 crore in business once you reach there.


2.     Winnipeg is main city of Manitoba, if You Are Invest in Winnipeg Investment is 2 LAC CAD $ , Outside Winnipeg 1.5 lac CAD $.

3.     The Canadian government will provide you 2 years of visa, within 2 years you can invest and get PR.

4.     IELTS 5.5 band.

5.     Expression if Interest system Applicable, their Online Portal is open now  but Not Start draw yet.

Pl. contact the us for the further details so that we can provide you authentic information thru our panel IRCC member from Canada

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