UK Study Visa

How many IELTS bands are required ?

As per embassy actually overall 6 bands and 5.5 bands each required and If UKVI 4.5 and 4 each requiredBut some universities are given admission with 5.5 bands and 5 in each to 12thpassed students.

How many points/scores are required for Duolingo?

For bachelor :- 100 to 110 points

For masters : – 120 to 130


Without IELTS

If without IELTS:- 65% in last qualification (12th Class) and 55% overall marks required.

IF 65% marks in English isn’t there than

Two options

First:- University skype interview test

Second:- foundation course or Pre-sessional course of 9-12 months, fees 9000 to 12000 are often paid in installment usually full fees taken by universities.

Skype interview by university must for all students to issue offer and CAS letter.

In case of gap

In case of without IELTS then gap is suitable or not: Yes.

Graduate or masters holders gap acceptable or Not: Yes it’s acceptable

Is there any regulation for study in UK :- NO any age person could also be 50 years can do study in UK Purpose should be mentioned in SOP.


Which are the English proficiency tests acceptable for UK student visa?


  • PTE & PTE on-line
  • Duolingo
  • Internal  University test
  • Even the pre-sessional course which can be done there .


Living expenditure:

Inside London :- 11 385 $

Out side London : 9135 $

How many days old funds are required?
28 days old

On whose name funds are often ?
Students or parents

Acceptable Financial documents ?
Saving checking account
FDR on student name
Education loan letter (one day old can be)

In case of spouse on whose name fund can be?
Only on student or spouse or parents of student nobody in laws name.

Not acceptable funds
Shares, Etc.

Acceptable financial institutes
All nationalized and main private banks
Except graminand local banks
List of fanatical documents is out there with Kiwi immigration

Who do check funds
Before issuing a offer letter and CAS letter university check your funds.

Is IELTS attend be mandatory from Jan 2021 intake?
No, Actually in CAS letter university has got to be mentioned
If without IELTS admission is given than on what grounds it had been given
Like on the idea of 65% marks etc.

What are the changes in policy from Jan 2020 ?
PBS point base system goes to vary from 50 points to 70 points
CAS 50, Funds 10, English 10 points.

How many months before the commencement of study student can apply for UK student visa?
3 months before the commencement.

Is it mandatory to use for relevant study in UK
NO, Even commerce/medical student can apply for hospitality or the other field
Higher level to lower level of study, if applying, are going to be refused.

Can a better study holder apply for the lower study
NO already having master shouldn’t apply for graduate degree or diploma
Until and unless very strong reasons mentioned in SOP.

Is SOP is must for UK student visa
Yes, for instance you’ve got done engineering and needs to travel for MBA you would like to mentioned that you simply are often hired as CEO later so that’s why you’re choosing MBA.

Future in UK or settlement chances in UK or future prospects in UK
After successful completion of study there’s PSWP of TWO years
(For that you simply got to apply and you get PSWP for 2 years)
And then you continue with an equivalent employer and from the 32000 approved companies
Those offers you job and you’ll get 5 years of labor permit
And on completion of labor permit you’ll apply for the PR then citizenship.

Spouse case:
On passport name of spouse is mandatory :- NO

What documents docs required for spouse case
Only marriage certificate and 1-15 pictures of marriage

How many months or years old marriage is accepted by UK student visa
NO bar, it are often at some point old even marriage are often performed on student visa approval

For spouse IELTS is required for UK student visa

Is qualification required for UK student visa

Best part of UK for spouse cases
Spouse are often granted work visa and youngsters can go along and obtain their admission and study there 100% free.

Funds for spouse and youngsters additionally to students funds
Around 7000 each accompanying person

If less marks (45%) in English in 12th class and having good bands in IELTS or UKVI IELTS,
Than does it makes difference in visa : NO , Because you’ve got done IELTS or UKVI

What is a CAS letter
Confirmation of acceptance of studies.

What is the age of student visa
Age is not any bar for UK student visa.

If 10th plus 3 years diploma is completed by student that’s acceptable
Only if done from some government recognized college

Pre-sessional course
If 45% marks in English then student got to do on-line English class ,

Quarantine condition for UK student visa.
14 days self-quarantine at your own place, no condition, even university has the hostel facility for an equivalent .
It may further reduce to 7 days.

If visitor visa refused once than don’t apply for study visa
If student visa refused than university won’t take such application
If student visa refused due to wrong information than fees might not be forfeited by Uni.

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